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Now in a new trade paperback edition for the Tor Essentials line, A Fire Upon the Deep is sure to bring a new generation of SF fans to Vinge's award-winning. May 5, - The Paperback of the A Fire Upon The Deep by Vernor Vinge at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $35 or more! Rating: - ‎46 reviews. A Fire Upon the Deep is a science fiction novel by American writer Vernor Vinge. It is a space opera involving superhuman intelligences, aliens, variable physics, space battles, love, betrayal, genocide, and a communication medium resembling‎: ‎Vernor Vinge.

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A Fire Upon the Deep is a science fiction novel written by Vernor Vinge , an award-winning space opera about superhuman intelligences, well-developed aliens , variable physics, space battles, love, betrayal, genocide, and Usenet. The CD-ROM edition included numerous annotations by Vinge on his thoughts and intentions about different parts of the book. Two major plotlines exist in the Fire ; both are triggered by the revival of a malevolent five billion year old quasi-Power described as a "malevolent class 2 perversion" and initially known as the "Straumli Realm Perversion" named after those responsible for its rebirth but known eventually, because of its cancerous methods and rate of growth, as the Blight.

A human colony high in the Beyond see below for an explanation of the Zones of Thought had dispatched an expedition to the low Transcend, having learned of a massive 5-billion year old archive of data which had been off the Known Net for all that time. It offers the possibility of unthinkable riches for the ambitious young Straumli Realm, and they dispatch a careful expedition of archaeologist programmers to open it up and discover its secrets. However, their precautions are insufficient, and their facility, the High Lab, is compromised: the embryonic Blight persuades them to create machines and activate programs they do not understand nor can guard against.

Slowly, the Blight wakes up and grows and takes over the expedition. This intelligence is able to infiltrate and control computer systems and biological beings, quickly infecting and taking over whole civilizations in the High Beyond.

Unbeknownst to the young Blight, however, two programs, copies of the minds of two expedition members, have Transcended and lurk in the local net. Unable to stop the Blight, they settle instead for devising a risky scheme to activate the countermeasure against the Blight that is included in the archive. With some understanding of what they have unleashed, a few humans escape from the research colony before the Blight regains its full capabilities and absorbs it; of the two vessels, only one successfully escapes.

That vessel travels to the edge of the Slow Zone, where the Blight would have difficulty operating. They take with them some semi-living information about their enemy later labeled Countermeasure from the archive, though they do not know what to do with it.

They land their sleeper ship , with a cargo of children in suspended animation , on a planet with a medieval -level civilization of dog-like creatures the Tines who exist as small packs of individuals. Each individual consciousness is generated by the "marriage" or enlistment of several Tines, who coordinate their thoughts via high-frequency sound. A single Tine is about as smart as a clever dog; two to three can think as well as a young human child; four to six is the standard and possess human or greater intelligence and self-awareness and personalities; under normal circumstances packs that are much larger degrade into barely-coherent mobs, though a rational pack of eight is not unheard of and one such pack plays a large role.

Other configurations are possible for specialized roles. Examples include long strung-out sentry lines and garrisoned slave teams. The cargo ship carried most of the High Lab's children in "coldsleep boxes" - boxes which induce suspended animation. The boxes are rapidly failing, and so the surviving adults begin unloading them onto the hospitable near-Earth world they had landed on.

However, they are quickly ambushed and fall victim to a long-lived conflict between two Tine nations who fight over the ship. The other group is led by the Woodcarver, so named for the artistic talent that first made her famous.

Flenser had developed a small but powerful kingdom that specialized in subverting and taking over neighboring countries. To escape assassination by a mob after a failed attempt to take over such a country, Flenser's component bodies had been dispersed into two or more packs, one of which is Tyrathect, whose other members had previously been part of a naive Flenserist school teacher.

It is later learned that no other parts of Flenser escaped. Tyrathect makes her roundabout way back to Flenser's stronghold, traveling in the company of two other packs: an itinerant pilgrim and an enthusiastic dilettante inventor who fancies himself a spy for his home country, the Long Lakes Republic.

They observe the ambush of the humans. The pilgrim and the spy resolve to steal the only survivor they see: Johanna Olsndot, a girl about 12 years old. Because of the return of Flenser, the troops are distracted, and the two manage to escape with Johanna aboard a Flenserist boat. Unbeknownst to them, Johanna's younger brother Jefri also survived, but remains in the hands of the Flenserists.

The two groups begin frantically attempting to gain their respective human's trust, and exploit them to develop cannon and other technology. The Woodcarvers begin with the assistance of an educational databank. Lord Steel's group begins developing radio and superior cannon with the help of Jefri and his communications with the outside world through the ship, as well as a well-placed spy in Woodcarver's camp.

Each sibling is unaware of the other's survival and alliance with opposing groups. The ship had been transmitting through its FTL ultrawave apparatus ever since it landed, and its message eventually reaches Relay, thanks to Ravna Bergsndot and the Old One. Ravna Bergsndot was working as the only human intern at the Vrinimi Organization, a vast, ancient, and wealthy communication and information provider conceptualized as much like an ISP of the late s or early s based in the system of Relay.

A benign Power called "Old One" because it is known to be over 10 years old; Powers rarely maintain contact with the Beyond for more than a few years makes contact, seeking information about the Blight and especially about humans in general who had released the Blight. It asks for Ravna to accompany its vessel back to the Transcend, but Ravna refuses: she fears being smeared across a "million million death cubes ", and has learned extreme wariness of Powers from her "Applied Theology" courses, as the study of Powers is called; the Vrinimi Organization supports her, even though the Old One was offering to set up an oracle for them.

So instead it reconstructs a seemingly human man, Pham Nuwen , from a frozen body collected by a Slow Zone probe and stockpiled at Relay by Vrinimi Organization along with parts from other bodies and infuses him with some memory of his former life, to act as its remote agent. It designs a ship, the Out of Band II , designed to travel to the bottom of the Beyond and even handle limited travel in the Slow Zone, to reach Jefri and investigate what the ship carried with it from the High Lab.

Relay and Old One fall victim to a double surprise attack by the Blight; Relay is attacked by a vast armada. The Blight is forced to engage Old One in a very personal way, and Old One steals information about the Blight, and apparently discovers its weakness. Before dying, Old One downloads as much of itself as can fit into Pham, providing him with subconscious instructions to activate Countermeasure.

During the attack, Pham and Ravna are in the company of Blueshell and Greenstalk, intelligent plants of an eons-old trading race known as Skroderiders, who use sophisticated personal vehicles "skrodes" to enhance both their mobility and cognitive capabilities Skroderiders have an almost complete lack of short-term memory.

All four escape Relay's destruction in the Skroderiders' ship Out of Band II , which had previously been chartered and equipped to rescue the human refugees. They then follow Jefri's signal to the Tines' planet. While en route , they narrowly escape an alliance of anti-human military fleets, which not only know that humans are responsible for the Blight's reanimation, but also suspect that they might be acting as its agents.

The truth is a little different: the Skrodes were long ago designed by the Blight, making Skroderiders its sleeper agents. Countermeasure, or possibly another intelligence contacted by Countermeasure which is implied to be even more advanced than the Powers, drastically alters the boundaries of the zones of thought in that sector of the galaxy. This results in the boundaries of the Slow Zone being moved far enough out to envelop and destroy the Blight; however, this also kills Pham and strands the humans on the Tines' world in the depths of the Slow Zone.

An included Known Net message from a group that specializes in Zone movement estimates that this event thrusts thousands of uninvolved civilizations into an environment where much of their technology no longer works a situation analogous to an Earth where electricity ceases to exist and is directly responsible for trillions of deaths.

Vinge has often expressed an opinion that realistic fiction set after the development of superhuman intelligence — an event that he calls the Singularity and considers all but inevitable — would necessarily be too strange for a human reader to enjoy, if not impossible for a human writer to create. To sidestep the issue, he turns the Singularity sideways from time into space, postulating that the galaxy has been divided into "zones of thought":.

At the same time, Vinge implies that the Transcend can be dangerous for the inexperienced or incautious since, because organic and machine intelligence are so closely linked and interchangeable, computer viruses can literally infect organic minds.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. No Title [[ px px]] ' No Title No information A Fire Upon the Deep is a science fiction novel written by Vernor Vinge , an award-winning space opera about superhuman intelligences, well-developed aliens , variable physics, space battles, love, betrayal, genocide, and Usenet. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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He taught mathematics and computer science at San Diego State University. He is the first wide-scale popularizer of the technological singularity concept and perhaps the first to present a fictional " cyberspace ".

Vinge published his first short story, " Bookworm, Run! The story explores the theme of artificially augmented intelligence by connecting the brain directly to computerised data sources.

He became a moderately prolific contributor to SF magazines in the s and early s. His second novel, The Witling , was published in Vinge came to prominence in with his novella True Names , perhaps the first story to present a fully fleshed-out concept of cyberspace , [2] which would later be central to cyberpunk stories by William Gibson , Neal Stephenson and others.

His next two novels, The Peace War and Marooned in Realtime , explore the spread of a future libertarian society, and deal with the impact of a technology which can create impenetrable force fields called ' bobbles '. These books built Vinge's reputation as an author who would explore ideas to their logical conclusions in particularly inventive ways.

Deepness won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in Vinge retired in from teaching at San Diego State University , in order to write full-time. Most years, since its inception in , Vinge has been on the Free Software Foundation 's selection committee for their Award for the Advancement of Free Software. His former wife, Joan D. Vinge , is also a science fiction author. They were married from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American mathematician, computer scientist, and science fiction writer.

The witling. Worlds Without End. Retrieved Bibcode : Natur. Whole Earth Review Winter : Bibcode : vise. IEEE Spectrum. Categories : births Living people 20th-century American novelists 21st-century American novelists American male novelists American science fiction writers American technology writers American computer scientists Writers from California Novelists from Wisconsin Hugo Award-winning writers People from Waukesha, Wisconsin Mathematics educators San Diego State University faculty American male short story writers American transhumanists 20th-century American short story writers 21st-century American short story writers Singularitarians 20th-century American male writers 21st-century American male writers 21st-century American non-fiction writers American male non-fiction writers University of California, San Diego alumni.

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Now in a new trade paperback edition for the Tor Essentials line, A Fire Upon the Deep is sure to bring a new generation of SF fans to Vinge's award-winning works. A Hugo Award-winning Novel! “Vinge is one of the best visionary writers of SF today.”-David Brin. A Fire upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge, Vernor Vinge; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Fiction, Hugo Award Winner, Life on other planets, award:hugo_award=, award:hugo_award=novel, Science fiction, Intellect, Long Now Manual for Civilization, Life on other planets -- Fiction. For a story the size of A Fire Upon the Deep, this was not enough. I needed more than the ability to find tags and instances; I needed to generate summaries of background information and story text, keyed on the parameters of the moment. Late in the project, I began to use Lotus Agenda(tm).