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Basic Derivatives for raise to a power, exponents, logarithms, trig functions; Multiple Rule · Sum and These problems can all be solved using one or more of the rules in combination. Check first 5 answers (this will open a new window). MATH - Derivative Worksheet. Differentiate these for fun, or practice, whichever you need. The given answers are not simplified. 1. f(x)=4x5. − 5x. 4 g′(2) = 2, find the numbers indicated in problems 43 – (g − f)′(2). (fg)′(2). Answer: 6x + √7. Problem 7 y = 1 - x2 + x - 3x4. Answer: 2x + 1 - 12x3.

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Feb 04,  · Here is a set of practice problems to accompany the Differentiation Formulas section of the Derivatives chapter of the notes for Paul Dawkins Calculus I course at Lamar University. Paul's Online Notes. Practice Quick Nav Download. Go To; For problems 1 – 12 find the derivative of the given function. \(f\left(x \right) = 6{x^3} - 9x + 4\). Jun 08,  · In this video we work through five practice problems for computing derivatives using the limit definition of derivatives. We go from simple to advanced, and show you all the tricks you need to. Free Calculus Questions and Problems with Solutions. Free calculus tutorials are presented. The analytical tutorials may be used to further develop your skills in solving problems in calculus. Also topics in calculus are explored interactively, using apps, and analytically with examples and detailed solutions.