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1 quote from El ahogado más hermoso del mundo: 'While they fought for the privilege of carrying him on their shoulders along the steep escarpment by the. Gabriel García Márquez. Original title, "Spanish: El ahogado más hermoso del mundo". Genre(s), Short story. Published in,   Published in‎: ‎ the importance and the implications of qualifying the genre or sub-genre used in Gabriel García Márquez's short story, “El ahogado más hermoso del mundo.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in Aracataca, Colombia. After studying law and journalism at the National University of Colombia in Bogota, he became a journalist. In , he left journalism, to devote himself to writing.

Acclaimed for both his craft and his imagination, he has been called a master of myth and magical realism a style of literature that makes use of fantastical, highly improbable, and sometimes supernatural events and characters.

In his novels and stories he has created a fictional world out of his memories of the dust, rain, and boredom of life in an isolated Colombian community. His stories depict a world shaped by myth, history, politics, and nature. One Hundred Years of Solitude traces a century in the town's history, from its founding through its destruction by a cyclone.

Skillfully blending the fantastic, the mythical, and the commonplace in a humorous and powerful narrative, Garcia Marquez tells a moving tale of people locked in an isolation, partly of their own making and partly due to U. With this work, Garcia Marquez established himself internationally as a major novelist, and his reputation has continued to grow since he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in Account Options Anmelden.

Meine Mediathek Hilfe Erweiterte Buchsuche. Text of a short story by the notable Colombian author accompanied by photographs recreating the tale. Bibliografische Informationen.

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One Wednesday morning, children in a small fishing village of "about twenty-odd wooden houses" find a body on the beach that is covered with " flotsam " and sea debris. The children play by burying him in the sand until the adults discover the corpse and decide that it must be given a small funeral and thrown off the cliff on which their village rests.

This is done because there is so little land in the village that they cannot have traditional burials. In order to do so, however, they must prepare him for burial at sea and look in neighboring villages for any surviving relatives. The men carry the body up to the village so that the women can prepare him for the funeral while they go to neighboring villages to ask if anyone can identify the drowned man. The man is too tall to fit easily into any house and, upon removing the seaweed and mud, the women observe his handsome face.

The women of the village become attached to him and dream of the wonderful man he must have been. Eventually, an old woman declares that his name must have been Esteban, and after a short period of resistance from some of the younger women, they all agree. After dreaming of how powerful Esteban must have been they decide to make him clothes because no one owns anything large enough to fit him. The pants they make are too small and the buttons on the shirt burst.

The women then think about how he must have had to stoop to enter doorways and how he must have felt uncomfortable in the small homes. The women feel pity and sympathy for the man, who they silently compare to their own husbands, and they begin to weep for him.

They then cover Esteban's face with a handkerchief. The men are unable to find any relatives of the drowned man and they return home, where the village continues the funeral preparation as a group. The women, now attached to Esteban, place "altar decorations" on him, including a compass, holy water , and nails.

The men grow annoyed and chide their wives for taking such elaborate measures for "a stranger". Esteban's face is then revealed to the men and they too are awed by the humble character they see in his face.

Women go to get flowers in neighboring villages, since none grow in their own, and women from those villages come back to see Esteban.

This continues until the village grows so crowded that it is "hard to walk about. Instead of burying him with an anchor they let him go without one so that he can return one day. This is when the village realizes how desolate and small their town appears. After Esteban is buried at sea, the village resolves to make their doors wider for Esteban's memory, to find springs like he would have, to paint their houses bright colors, and to plant flowers. The village imagines that one day a passing cruise ship will smell the flowers and the captain will point to their village and tell his passengers that it was Esteban's home.

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El tema principal del "Ahogado mas hermoso del mundo" es la llegada de un cadáver a las orillas del mar de un pueblo del Caribe.. Es un cuento escrito en , por Gabriel García Márquez, célebre escritor, editor y periodista, colombiano, premio Nóbel de Literatura, quien nació en Aracataca, Colombia, el 6 de marzo de y falleció en México, Distrito Federal, el 17 de abril de El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo Los niños estaban jugando cerca al mar ven a un naufrago y creen que es una ballena o un barco enemigo y se dan cuenta que es un ahogado y juegan con el toda a tarde hasta que los mayores se dan cuenta y buscan a los familiares del muerto en pueblos vecinos y como nadie lo conoce deciden adoptarlo y llamarlo. Apr 17,  · El ahogado más hermoso del mundo es un breve cuento donde a partir de la aparición de un hombre muerto en un pequeño pueblo cambia la forma de ser y de pensar de sus habitantes. Este ahogado no es una persona cualquiera, tenía unas cualidades físicas que lo distinguían de los demás, según las mujeres del pueblo era el más alto, el más viril y más fuerte que habían visto antes.