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pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded to your computer. Or contact us if you need plans on CD. Purchase Download > Blue buy now buttons. Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plan pdf Free download Ebook Handbook Textbook User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. Fuelless Engine Model 2. Aug 3, - This Pin was discovered by Escudellat1. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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This motor is like no other electric motor in the world. You can run this motor on to 2, volts dc, using a special coil design as well as the designs included in these plans, see our high HP plans as well, they have even more info that you may need. Our Smallest Low hp motor, uses our spiral coil technology, Even more than what we are offering here Keep These motors or engines are very compact and high efficient. This device does produce free energy and can be used to run a dc or ac low rpm Copyright Creative Science generator.

We suggest you build and use our Sp low rpm generator. You can make the outer case out of just about anything you want, just keep to the basic design. Keep in mind these motors were designed as simple homemade devices.

We have tried our best to keep it as simple as possible for everyone. The outer motor casing can be a square wooden box or large steel or aluminum cylinder piping, or as you see in the photo to the right 2 round motor ends with long bolts.

The higher the horsepower the more sturdy the motor casing structure should be. These terms have been debated since the early s and to this date. Introduction What is Free Energy? There are many examples of free energy, one example is the sun. The sun gives off free energy and we collect that energy in the form of heat and electricity everyday.

We use solar cell technology to collect the suns electrical energy and turn it into usable electricity. But is the sun perpetual? No, but some people when they think of free energy they tend to think of perpetual motion, but they are not always the same. When the DC electric motor was invented it was found that it gave off Free Energy free energy in the form of back emf. This new type of free energy Solar Panel reversed the incoming polarity of the motors copper coils incoming dc pulses , causing the soft iron cores electro magnets of the top of the motor coils to change poles, from north to south.

This changing of Diodes polarity and poles caused by the free energy from the back emf, caused the motors to work against themselves and this is still going on in many DC motors that are manufactured to this day.

What is back emf? Back emf is free energy caused by a collapsing magnetic field generated in a coil of copper coated wire wrapped around a soft iron core. For example if you take a common isolation transformer or a High Voltage Microwave oven transformer and pulse it with 12 to 24 vdc very quickly into its primary, the transformer will produce free energy in the form of back emf from the primary and the secondary coils.

Both primary and secondary coils now become AC because of the free electrical energy produced by the back emf. As an example to help simplify it a bit more lets do a test.

For this test you will need a DC volt meter, a one way diode and a electrolytic capacitor rated at 50 v x uf you can buy these on line at any electronics HV MicrowaveTransformer supply company or Radio Shack store. If you are using an isolation transformer it really does not matter which side you use as the primary.

Now connect the other end of the black negative wire to the negative terminal of the 12 vdc or 24 dc battery. Now connect Wall transformers can be taken apart and the transformers used as electromagnets or for the test the positive red wire to the primary leads of the transformer and described in introduction page 1.

Old wall transformers are also a good source for copper coated wire. When DC voltage is applied to the primary coil the metal will be pulled down to the soft iron core or to the top of the HV Transformer indicating a strong magnetic flux. To operate: Turn the SW switch on for 3 seconds, while the SW is on, notice your volt meter is at zero, showing no energy coming into the capacitor.

You will notice that the steel bar you taped on top of the penny is now attracted to the transformer. Amperage Meter. Now after 3 seconds turn off the 24 vdc power, the positive flow of electrons will now reverse because the electromagnet was turned off. When the magnet passes into the coil area and to its center a voltage is produced in the wire, when the magnet is then moved out from the center of the coil and leaves the coil area this reverses the polarity and produces another flow of electrical energy back emf the same amount of energy as before.

You will notice the volt meter needle move when you turn off the power. This is free energy from a collapsing magnetic field. Capacitors also store and collect free energy between its plates in the form of r? Electrons are then stored and collected on the metal plates.

Question: What is a Capacitor? Both sheets of metal must be the same size. A wire lead is connected to each as shown in Figure 2. A DC voltage is then applied to the air capacitor and energy is stored in between the metal plates. Much like a battery but is different in that the electrical energy can be discharged all at once. This is why it is dangerous to handle a capacitor that is charged without thick rubber gloves, if the charge is of a high voltage and of a high micro farad rating amperage the discharge can kill you.

It will be to your advantage to build your own homemade HV Capacitor s. There are 2 types of Capacitors, The dry type and the wet type. An electrolytic capacitor is a wet type and is good for many things such as HV step up power supplies. Electrolytic Photo caps are the best, they are very high efficient. Always wear rubber gloves, long sleeve jacket and rubber shoes when working with HV charged capacitors.

Always discharge them when you are done and keep them away from children and adults who are not educated in HV capacitors. It is always best to put up High Voltage signs in your lab. Our motors use both types The bigger the plates the more amperage can be stored, or the more plates you add and stack one on top of the other the more amperage will be stored, this increases the uf micro farads. The air space in figure 2 can be considered the die electric, as it is called. You can build a large HV capacitor using aluminum or copper sheeting and 3mil mylar as the die electric.

Nikola Tesla discovered what he called radiant energy in the early s, It seems electrons can not work without this so called radiant energy. It is my theory that radiant energy travels faster than electrons and as it N i k o l a Te s l a travels pulls the electrons with it.

It seems the electrons are always Inventor of AC following behind the so called radiant energy. When this energy and many high is charged into a high voltage capacitor the electrons collect Voltage products themselves on the 2 metal plates. Electromagnetic coils store such as ac motors energy just like a capacitor. If the copper or aluminum wire is and generators as wound side by side as perfect as one can get to form a coil, then well as HV Tesla the efficiency of that coil or motor will go way up storing and Coils.

Wireless Electricity etc This is why we like to use spiral electro magnetic air coils for our motors. Brush Commutator Sws. Photo 1 is just an example of one of our many experiments in testing and building a small free energy low hp motor. Here you see us using a 2 stack air core spiral coil. Notice that the spiral coil is at a great distance from the neodymium magnet. Even at this distance the motor ran very well. Of course the closer the magnet is to the electromagnetic spiral coil the higher the efficiency and the rpms as well as horse Power.

Spiral Coil Photo 1 of small test model of a Fuelless Engine or you can also call it a motor as well as an engine. Our special spiral coils can be any shape or size. Copper Coated Wire and High Capacitance! Again when copper coated wire is wound in a perfect side by side method the coil will produce a very high capacitance much like a capacitor.

The more number of winds the higher the capacitance, this is what every motor design engineer longs for. Let me illustrate this in Figure 3 below. If we take feet of 25 AWG copper coated wire and double it back by feet, keeping it perfectly parallel with each other you will get a high capacitance just like a capacitor. Winding the same feet of wire around an air core bobbin will produce far more capacitance if each wind is perfectly wound side by side, right to left.

You can get an even higher capacitance than that if you wind your coils into spirals and stack them. Please notice, this is our invention and is not for sell nor can it be manufactured anywhere in the world. But we do give you permission to test and build one for yourself. You can not copy or sell or give away our information in anyway shape or form without our permission. It uses large gauge wire fat wire with very few turns for its motor coils. The coils are then of a low resistance.

Doing it this way is a waste of energy and money! The windings are also hand wound on most of these motors and are not perfectly wound side by side as they are in transformers. By using more copper wire or more winds and using smaller gauge wire thinner wire the efficiency of the motor goes way up. Also notice figure 4, the copper wire is wound around a movable rotor of soft iron, this is not an efficient way of doing it.

It is best to allow the magnet to move inside of the copper coil. As we do with our Fuelless Engine motor. This creates a powerful generator and motor. This is why you can see more energy output than input. For example: we can input vdc into our motor coils and get a demonstration of about 10, volts back out at the commutator brushes in the form of arcs, sparks and plasma balls.

If we ever learn how to harness that energy the motor will produce an even larger display of high efficiency! The more winds of copper coated wire, the higher the efficiency! Copper coated wire coils are hand wound, not efficient Brush Commutator at all. Both copper coils are connected to both plates.

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Sep 18,  · Fuelless Generator is now the best invention in the world to eliminate the combustion system in our environment. The world has experienced global worming attributed to high level of . In ealier fuelless engine plans, David of Creative And Science Research could not revealed much because of the Power's that bé watching him day and nigth. One of the things he did not revealed was that AC capacitors must bé connected to the coils leads in parallel to absorb Spike on the mechanical commutator or Rotary Switch and or Mosfet. Jan 09,  · Totally different in design than our. 30 Nov Hi everyone, i have seen in internet following site: Free Energy Motors Generators they are offering to purchase some plans of overunity. They offer a set of plans that can be purchased to build this engine. The plans cost To be literally fuelless, there must be no fuel. If electricity is.