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My Worth Is Not in What I Own (At the Cross) Lyrics: My worth is not in what I own / Not in the strength of flesh and bone / But in the costly wounds of love / At the. Keith & Kristyn Getty - My Worth Is Not In What I Own Lyrics. Artist: Keith & Kristyn Getty. Album: The Greengrass Session. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Song. My Worth Is Not in What I Own (At the Cross). All Albums. WORDS AND MUSIC BY KEITH GETTY Feb 4, - Uploaded by GettyMusicVEVO.

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Sign In Register. Album: The Greengrass Session. My worth is not in what I own Not in the strength of flesh and bone But in the costly wounds of love At the cross My worth is not in skill or name In win or lose, in pride or shame But in the blood of Christ that flowed At the cross I rejoice in my Redeemer Greatest Treasure, Wellspring of my soul I will trust in Him, no other.

My soul is satisfied in Him alone. As summer flowers we fade and die Fame, youth and beauty hurry by But life eternal calls to us At the cross I will not boast in wealth or might Or human wisdom's fleeting light But I will boast in knowing Christ At the cross Two wonders here that I confess My worth and my unworthiness My value fixed - my ransom paid At the cross. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS.

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When you feel down and out of sync with your thoughts, you probably show signs that you have a low sense of self-worth without even realizing it. You may second-guess yourself when someone questions you or try to fit into a mold that someone else wants you to be in. While it's completely normal to go through self-doubt every once in a while, having a low sense of self-worth can dictate and control every decision you make, whether it has to do with your career, life, or relationships.

However, knowing your self-worth doesn't mean you have to be cocky and arrogant; it's about being comfortable in your skin, trusting your ideas and gut feelings, and knowing that you deserve to live a successful and fulfilling life, no matter what other people say.

Your worth is probably the most valuable thing you have, and if you don't nurture it in some way, it could tarnish and rust right before your eyes. According to psychologist Christina Hibbert, "Too many of us settle for 'self-esteem' — for feeling good about how we act, look, feel, think — instead of seeking what lies beneath.

No matter how much we learn to love who we seem to be on the outside, we will never fully embrace our worth until we dig deeper. Limiting yourself should no longer be an option because you do deserve the best. Plus, having a low sense of worth can make life just a little bit harder — and no one wants that. But if you're not sure if you're the one that is standing in your way, fear not.

Here are nine surprising signs you have a low sense of self-worth. While it's kind to place others' needs before your own, doing this act all the time can allow you to forget your own needs and wants. Disregarding your needs can put a stop on your goals and dreams if you're not careful. Have you ever said "sorry" when someone bumped into you or interrupted you? Ultimately, people will treat you the way you want to be treated.

If you don't respect yourself or have a good sense of self-worth, you could allow others to constantly place their needs before your own. Having a high sense of self-worth allows you to take control of your life and surroundings. For instance, you won't allow another employee to boss you around or have a friend disrespect you by talking down to you.

Sometimes people lose their sense of self-worth due to a traumatic event. Maybe they got fired or went through a break up with their SO. After these certain situations, they may not feel like themselves by feeling helpless and lost. When you're not feeling your best, you might not act as you typically would in situations at work and in personal relationships.

However, when you recognize a theme, something you can't shake after a few days, it may be your self-worth asking for a little nurturing," says LMFT at Behavioral Associates Lynn Kufner in an email with Bustle. When you place others' needs before your own, you may lose respect for yourself and no longer have the need to maintain your own dreams.

When you don't feel confident, it's easy to let everything else in your life go. You may let your health fall by the wayside or say no to hanging out with friends "Sometimes the answer is, 'Oh I don't deserve anything good so why invest is these? Doing things like, taking a long walk, expressing your feelings, spending quality time alone reflecting or with friends, can help to show that you are investing in yourself and are worthy.

You can become able to use self-worth to advocate for yourself, strengthen relationships with others and better performance in whatever your passions are with work," says Kufner. Your self-worth can sometimes determine the choices you decide to make in your life. For instance, you probably won't ask for a raise if you feel like you don't deserve one in the first place.

Are you making it to work on time and doing your job? Are you spending time with those who are important? Are you taking time to shower, eat healthfully, and using methods of self-care to tap into ways you can help yourself? When you feel hopeless and useless, you may stop going after things you once thought you wanted.

You'll stop yourself from going after a job because you don't think you're smart enough to get it, or you'll delay getting back into another relationship from you're afraid of getting hurt. Too many people become complacent in these aspects and stop striving for greater things.

Measuring your self-worth through outside influences i. You're perfect just the way you are. You don't need to measure your self-worth through outside influences or second-guess yourself any longer. Let yourself be in charge of your own life and don't let negative self-talk permit you to be complacent.

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My Worth Is Not In What I Own Shane & Shane, The Worship Initiative (Hymns Vol 1) Download sheet music for My Worth Is Not In What I Own by Shane & Shane/The Worship Initiative, from the album Hymns Vol 1. Arranged by Jeff Moore in the key of E, F. Products for . Free Song from Getty Music Fill out the form below to access your FREE download of "My Worth Is Not In What I Own (At the Cross)". My worth is not in what I own Not in the strength Of flesh and bone But in the costly wounds of love At the cross. Verse 2. My worth is not in skill or name In win or lose in pride or shame But in the blood of Christ that flowed At the cross. Chorus.