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Oct 29, - The Hardcover of the The Monsters Know What They're Doing: Combat Tactics for Dungeon Masters by Keith Ammann at Barnes & Noble. Rating: 5 - ‎Review by cboliver Dec 5, - Seriously wounded creatures will try to flee, unless they're fanatics or intelligent beings who believe they'll be hunted down and killed if they do. In The Monsters Know What They're Doing, Keith Ammann lightens the DM's burden by helping you understand your monsters' abilities and develop battle plans before your fifth edition D&D game session begins.

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Many people talk about highly tactical combat and immersive roleplaying as if they were opposite ends of a spectrum. Knowing how your player characters fight and win is a way of roleplaying their competence—and keeping them alive means keeping their stories going! Dave Walters Beyond Heroes , L. Will they prevail? I think so. Meazels are, to put it simply, kidnappers.

Misanthropic humanoids warped by toxic levels of exposure to the Shadowfell, they skulk through the shadows, throttle their victims with cords, and teleport away with them to some godsforsaken locale where they can murder them free from interference.

With low Strength and low Constitution but very high Dexterity, meazels are not in any way suited to attrition fighting; they want to grab their victims and go. Their high Intelligence and above-average Wisdom mark them as crafty judges of whom they need to jump first. They have proficiency in Perception and Stealth, the classic ambush predator combination, and should always begin combat hidden. Their feet of darkvision suits them to subterranean as well as nocturnal existence.

Meazels have two attack actions, Garrote and Shortsword, which do the same damage on average; however, Shortsword is a straightforward melee weapon attack that just happens to deal some bonus necrotic damage as a rider. Garrote, on the other hand, grapples on a hit and enables the meazel, on a subsequent turn, to Shadow Teleport away along with the grappled victim!

Continue reading Meazel Tactics. Although, to my surprise, the one I thought would be more interesting turned out not to be interesting at all, while the one I thought would be less interesting turned out to be a little more so. Continue reading Trapper and Girallon Tactics. A relative, perhaps, of the giant spider, the cave fisher is a human-size, wall-crawling arachnid with crablike claws.

A solitary predator, with double proficiency in Stealth, the cave fisher is pretty dumb and inflexible, but it has one good trick up its sleeve: an extremely strong, extremely sticky filament that it can use to yank victims toward it from as much as 60 feet away. On top of that, it has Spider Climb, which allows it to move freely along walls and even across ceilings. Continue reading Cave Fisher Tactics.

As reader Victor R. With very high Strength and Constitution and merely above-average Dexterity, tlincallis are brutes, unafraid of direct melee confrontation. Their Intelligence is below humanoid average, though not animal-level, while their Wisdom is above average, allowing them to pick out promising prey—the old, the young, the weak, the isolated and the oblivious—as well as to realize when a particularly dangerous opponent needs to be taken out.

Tlincallis hot on the trail of desirable prey will pursue it aggressively until either they bag it or it fights back forcefully enough to deter them. Continue reading Tlincalli Tactics.

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The Monsters Know What They’re Doing. 20 Books You Should Add to Your October TBR! by Get Literary | Oct 3. From powerful memoirs and hair-raising horror novels to delightful rom-coms and thrilling mysteries, discover the 17 books we’re most excited for this October. Welcome! The Islamofascists know what they are doing. They are in it for the long haul. As I’ve half-joked, these are people who refer to events of the 11 th Century in sentences that begin, “Recently ” Monsters they are. Fools they are not. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Monsters Know What They're Doing: Combat Tactics for Dungeon Masters by Keith Ammann (, Hardcover) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!